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Adding Accessories to your AR15 Rifle


The great thing about the AR15 rifle platform is that it is so easily customizable. Whether you need a CQB/ home defense, hunting, long range target shooting, or competition setup, the ar15 readily852彩票开户 transforms into a very capable weapon system for any of those given duties.

In this guide, we're going to walk you through the accessories that our pro sponsored shooter Kalani Laker uses on his competition rifle and how to install them.

To better help you install these accessories, take a look at the video below as it walks you visually step by step.

Also if you haven't already done so, learn how to assemble an AR15 lower receiver HERE and how to build a complete upper receiver HERE.

852彩票开户In this guide we're going to show you how to install the following:

852彩票开户-Offset Iron Sights

852彩票开户-Mounting M-LOK Rail Sections

852彩票开户-Quick Detach Sling Mounts

852彩票开户-Setting up a Two-Point Sling

852彩票开户-Weapon Light

-Variable Power Riflescope

Installing a Riflescope

There are several ways to mount a riflescope, the way we demonstrate in the video and below while accurate is not as detailed as our full-length guide on mounting a riflescope. For those of you that want the ultimate mount job, check out our detailed guide here.

The basic riflescope installation is as follows. Take your one piece mount or scope rings and place them on the AR's upper receiver Picatinny rail, making sure to have the mount or rings pushed as far forward in the Picatinny slot as possible. Now any time you're mounting any optic to your rifle/pistol/ shotgun, always check what the mount manufacturer suggests as far as torque to be applied to the mounting screws.


852彩票开户Next, take off the eight (8) ring screws and top rings off of the mount in preparation for the scope. Place the scope on the mount, the top rings back on and the eight screws back on. Make sure to only tighten the screws loosely because you will have to adjust the riflescope horizontally and vertically.

852彩票开户First we're going to make sure you have the scope mounted close or far enough away from your eye to have the perfect eye relief. We recommend establishing this while in the prone position because that will be the shooting position where your eyebox will be most difficult.

852彩票开户Once you have your eye relief set, it's time to level your crosshairs on the scope. The simplest way to do so is by first leveling your AR15 itself by place a bubble level on the top Picatinny rail of the completed rifle. After you've leveled the rifle along its X axis, take a string with a weight attached to it or a plumb bomb and alight the vertical line of the reticle with the string.


If and when you have the scope level, tighten the eight scope ring screws down in an alternating method similar to how you tighten lug nuts on the wheel of your car. It is also strongly recommended that you give each of the screws a drop of blue Loctite to ensure they do not loosen up over time and from the recoil of the rifle.

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