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Ring Height
Tube Diameter
Tube Diameter: 30 mmRing Height: 1.335 in

Code: 852彩票开户28N-MT-GARMBCSPRM-SMC1-335H30MM

MPN: 852彩票开户SMC1.335H30MM

UPC: 791154083888

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Tube Diameter: 30 mmRing Height: 1.5 in

Code: 852彩票开户28N-MT-GARMBCSPRM-SMC1-5H30MM


UPC: 852彩票开户791154083901

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Tube Diameter: 30 mmRing Height: 1.93 in



UPC: 852彩票开户791154083918

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Tube Diameter: 34 mmRing Height: 1.335 in


MPN: SMC1.335H34MM

UPC: 852彩票开户791154083925

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Tube Diameter: 30 mmRing Height: 1.425 in

Code: 852彩票开户28N-MT-GARMBCSPRM-SMC1-425H30MM

MPN: 852彩票开户SMC1.425H30MM

UPC: 791154083895

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Tube Diameter: 35 mmRing Height: 1.335 in


MPN: SMC1.335H35MM

UPC: 791154083949

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Tube Diameter: 35 mmRing Height: 1.425 in


MPN: 852彩票开户SMC1.425H35MM

UPC: 852彩票开户791154083956

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Tube Diameter: 34 mmRing Height: 1.425 in

Code: 852彩票开户28N-MT-GARMBCSPRM-SMC1-425H34MM

MPN: 852彩票开户SMC1.425H34MM

UPC: 791154083932

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Product Info for Griffin Armament Cantilever SPRM

GRIFFIN ARMAMENT is a company founded by two Army Infantry sniper qualified combat veterans. Although Griffin is best known for its signature reducing sound suppressors, which are also coveted sniper tools, founders Austin and Evan have combined their lifelong passion for precision rifle shooting, and nearly a decade of notable research and development into a new product line, The Superior Precision Rifle Modular Mounts (SPRM).

852彩票开户SPRM mounts allow the incorporation of the ACCESSORY INTERFACE SUITE (AIS) of products, which brings ambidextrous modularity and universal accessory support to the precision optics mount marketplace. The unique patent-pending design splits the rings on two parallel but offset planes allowing accessories to be mounted on 5 AIS mounting surfaces. This system affords left and right sides, left and right 45-degree surfaces, as well as the top surface to be used for accessory interfaces. The GRIFFIN SPRM mounts bring unsurpassed flexibility and utility to the discriminating user. Left-handed or right-handed shooters are equally supported with the SPRM mounts and accessories.

A heavy emphasis on anatomically correct positioning of optics was placed on AIS products, leading to the development of the RAPID TRANSITION OPTICS plates. RTO plates position secondary non-magnified optics on optical centerline relationship with the stock comb for comfortable, rapid, targeting with a simple roll of the host firearm. These plates currently support: Aimpoint Acro, T1/T2, H1/H2, Comp m5, Sig Romeo, Vortex Spark, Trijicon RMR , SRO, Holosun HE507C HS407C, HS508C, Leupold Deltapoint, J point, Optima, Dr optic, Meopta, Insight microdot, Burris Fastfire, vortex venom, and viper, CMORE STS, RTS, STS2, and vortex razor. Picatinny RTO plates are also offered.

852彩票开户Flat mount AIS products support a myriad of optics as well as a picatinny interface, Wilcox Raptar Mount, and Simrad Adaptor Plate. Other accessories will be developed to support future market technology, keeping the system at the forefront of the precision space.

852彩票开户Although the emphasis of the SPRM mounts are on the utility they provide, much care and attention was also given to the engineering, precision, and durability of the mounts themselves. Unlike many market offerings which emphasize manufacturing ease, often bolting split rings to a base adapter, the SPRMs foundation is a unibody base that cradles the optic (show optic in base without top rings) eliminating extraneous parts and interfaces which are often traceable to loss of zero retention, or tolerance stacking and subsequent loss of interfacing accuracy. A precision rifle becomes a battle rifle with loss of zero, and serious precision shooters should not tolerate it.

SPRM mounts are manufactured in the USA at Griffin's Wisconsin manufacturing facility. Mounts are machined on state-of-the-art multi-axis CNC equipment from solid aircraft-grade aluminum bar stock. Manufacturing in house provides the ability to control quality at levels impossible in contract manufacturing. The geometries of Griffin SPRM mounts are machined to part datums probed on each part. Prior to machining, costly manufacturing time is dedicated to each part with Renishaw probe strategies coupled with Renishaw RTS set tool magazines, which ensure critical geometries are machined to positional accuracies of +-.0002", rather than depending on human loading accuracy in a much looser relationship to workholding based datums like traditional optic mount industry manufacturing processes. Bringing Aerospace industry segmented production engineering concepts and inspection equipment to Optics mounts enhances the state of optical mount quality. This persistent dedication to quality ensures that the mount quality theory and the actual production mount quality are inseparably linked for uncompromising, superior precision.

In an industry space where raw extrusion, job shop quality, and an emphasis on efficiency over quality are normal, why does Griffin bring a wasteful level of manufacturing time and technology to Optic mounts? Because these aren't just typical market, job shopped, optic mounts. These are Griffin Armament Superior Precision Rifle Modular Mounts. Gear made by snipers for everyone, SPRM mounts are the next generation of sniper grade, precision rifle optic mounts.

Specifications for Griffin Armament Cantilever SPRM:

Color: Black
Finish: Type III Hardcoat Anodized
Fabric/Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
Quantity: 1
Base/Mount Type: Cantilever
Cant: 15 MOA
Hand: Ambidextrous


    • AIS technology (Accessory Interface Suite) Allowing the user to mount accessories wherever they desire.
    • RTO accessory support (ability to mount Rapid Transition Optic plates to the system for a 40 co-witness to the primary optic)
    • Unibody construction
    • 12 (qty), 8-40 T15 fasteners for ring clamping
    • 4 (qty), 10-32 fiber lock patched T15 fasteners for rail clamping
    • Individually probed during the manufacturing process for peerless dimensional consistency
    • Stanag 4694 Compliant attachment, for precise return to zero
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Utility patent pending to support future technology development in the electro-optics industry

Package Contents:

  • Griffin Armament Cantilever SPRM

Griffin Armament Cantilever SPRM Orderable Models

List of Orderable Models

Griffin Armament Cantilever SPRM, 30mm, 1.335in height 15MOA, Black, SMC1.335H30MM , MPN: SMC1.335H30MM , UPC: 791154083888 , Code: 28N-MT-GARMBCSPRM-SMC1-335H30MM
Griffin Armament Cantilever SPRM, 30mm, 1.5in height 15MOA, Black, SMC1.5H30MM , MPN: SMC1.5H30MM , UPC: 791154083901 , Code: 28N-MT-GARMBCSPRM-SMC1-5H30MM
Griffin Armament Cantilever SPRM, 30mm, 1.93in height 15MOA, Black, SMC1.93H30MM , MPN: SMC1.93H30MM , UPC: 791154083918 , Code: 28N-MT-GARMBCSPRM-SMC1-93H30MM
Griffin Armament Cantilever SPRM, 34mm, 1.335in height 15MOA PMII Comp, Black, SMC1.335H34MM , MPN: SMC1.335H34MM , UPC: 791154083925 , Code: 28N-MT-GARMBCSPRM-SMC1-335H34MM
Griffin Armament Cantilever SPRM, 30mm, 1.425in height 15MOA, Black, SMC1.425H30MM , MPN: SMC1.425H30MM , UPC: 791154083895 , Code: 28N-MT-GARMBCSPRM-SMC1-425H30MM
Griffin Armament Cantilever SPRM, 35mm, 1.335in height 15MOA, Black, SMC1.335H35MM , MPN: SMC1.335H35MM , UPC: 791154083949 , Code: 28N-MT-GARMBCSPRM-SMC1-335H35MM
Griffin Armament Cantilever SPRM, 35mm, 1.425in height 15MOA, Black, SMC1.425H35MM , MPN: SMC1.425H35MM , UPC: 791154083956 , Code: 28N-MT-GARMBCSPRM-SMC1-425H35MM
Griffin Armament Cantilever SPRM, 34mm, 1.425in height 15MOA, Black, SMC1.425H34MM , MPN: SMC1.425H34MM , UPC: 791154083932 , Code: 28N-MT-GARMBCSPRM-SMC1-425H34MM
Questions & Answers
What is the distance from outside of ring to ring ? Expert Answer

852彩票开户 Griffin Armament does not specify what the dimension is between the outside rings, please contact them directly for further assistance.

by Jonathan D., Gear Expert, February 20, 2020
Customer Reviews
Helpful Positive Review besr mounr made! by tyler morgan., November 29, 2019
I’ve purchased every mount made and this is no exaggeration.. the fit and finish on this mount blows me away. Fit and finish,sturdy ect. A lot of people should look more into this mounts let’s face can’t get no better.
2/2 found this helpful
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